Purdue University wants students to go on Facebook during class

So this is a pretty interesting concept. When I was in college, all of two years ago, students going on Facebook during class wasn’t exactly a sign they were paying attention. Yet Purdue University is using a new software called Hotseat, according to a Mashable story, where students are encouraged to go on Facebook. 

The Hotseat software allows students to use either Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, or SMS to post messages during classes, or they can simply log in to the web site to post to and view the ongoing backchannel. Right now it’s only being pilot tested in two courses, but has already become a fast favorite for both teachers and students. Professor Sugato Chakravarty, whose personal finance course is one of the pilot tests, said, “I’m seeing students interact more with the course and ask relevant questions.”

At the end of the post, Mashable poses the question of if social media has a natural place in the classroom. I think it does, especially as social media is more and more prevalent. Why should classrooms and professors stay in the dark? If a professor says something incorrect, or a student disagrees, a respectful text message or tweet the whole class can see could spur on a meaningful  class discussion.


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