Long time no see!

Hello again! I apologize for not blogging for the past six months or so. In that time, a lot has happened!  I was hired as a writer/news coordinator for Boston University School of Public Health and therefore quit my job with Gatehouse, and I moved to Cambridge.

The job change was something I had been thinking about a lot. After covering Wellesley and Babson colleges for so long, I knew I enjoyed writing about higher academia. I saw this job posting on the BU.edu HR site, applied and got a call for an interview a couple weeks later. So here I am. It’s been about five months. And yes, many said I crossed over to the dark side … into the world of public relations. That could be true to a certain degree but at some point, you have to go for a more stable job option. And I still get to write stories, create videos and use Twitter and Facebook — just in a slightly different way.

I do have to say that the transition from reporter to PR has not been that easy. The style, tone and basically everything are very different from my old job. It’s definitely been a big learning experience for me. But the benefits are amazing at BU: In addition to getting my own Mac, learning the ins and outs of iMovie/other cool software and access to a pretty sweet camera,  I am also working with a Pulitzer Prize winning reporter who has been in the business for 25 years. She is, to state it simply, awesome.

Shortly after I left Wellesley, the Wellesley Patch came into town. It’s a new hyper-local news group owned by AOL.com. My friend Neal, who used to be the assistant editor for the Brookline TAB, recently joined up with Patch and will be one of their new town editors. Honestly, I was shocked when I heard that there would be three reporters covering Wellesley: the Townsman, the Boston Globe Your Town site and now the Patch. Local news does seem to be what most are calling a sustainable business model but for how many? There is no way advertisers can support three news sites, especially when two are extremely new and don’t have any deep roots in the community. That’s not to say they won’t make it — they might. But not all of them can, realistically.

And the other news is with my new job, came a raise. I have been able to move out of my parents’ home (yay) and into my very first apartment with one of my best friends. We live in Cambridge and it is amazing. Is it fun cleaning the bathroom? Not really. But it sure is worth it to feel like an adult.

So for now, you can check out my latest writing at sph.bu.edu/insider. I write press releases, do stories on students and faculty and am starting to do some pretty neat social media. There’s no Wellesley police log involved, but I think that’s OK.


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