The ABCs of web videos

In college, I can distinctly remember not wanting to be a broadcast journalism student. Three years after graduating, that sentiment seems to be haunting me. Digital media now revolves around video, audio and editing to such a great extent that it seems knowing how to use a video camera — a professional one, not a flip — should be in news reporting 101.

Poynter offers some free/not too expensive courses on its News University site and I’ve been reviewing those. One that is particularly intriguing is “Reporting With Video: Basics for Print Journalists.” It is a webinar that gives what seems to be a pretty good overview of how to make a video. Two issues I have, however, are that it was made in 2008 and it costs $25. The latter I am willing to get over — but is a webinar from 2008 to dated?

What are other resources I can look at?

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