‘Girl quits job on dry erase board’ story too good to be true?

A random girl quit her job. Nothing special about that. A random girl quit her job via a a series of messages on a dry erase board, photos and one infamous email — and more than 160,000 people have “liked” this story on Facebook.

The series of photos are hilarious. She gets in some really good jabs against her (ex) boss. But … it seems to good to be true. C’mon, who would really spend the time and effort to quit like this? And send it in an email, where it could be spread around? Something smells fishy here.

The story is on theCHIVE, meaning it may just be a big joke. In 2008, Jay Leno, Chelsea Lately, The View and more all reported on a teenager accidentally texting her father that she had lost her virginity. Turns out, it was all a hoax.

Is this story real then? Right now, it remains a mystery. But the public has already spoken — this story is a viral sensation.


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