Worst job description ever?

Ok, here’s my entry for worst job description ever.

It’s on JournalismJobs.com and the position is “LONG HOURS LOW PAY.” If that doesn’t immediately spark your interest, check out the job description:

How bad do you want to be a reporter? Bad enough to work nights and weekends? The poor glutton for punishment that’s chosen will cover city and county government. Sports and general interest feature stories.

In exchange for your long hours and tireless efforts you will be rewarded with low pay and marginal health insurance. Please send resume, and 3 writing samples to wonclive@yahoo.com This is a full time salaried position located in beautiful northwest.

Well, thank goodness for that last sentence, telling me the job/den of hell is located in the “beautiful northwest.”

Is this a serious job description? I hope not. If it is, the employer is one cynical person who really shouldn’t be in journalism anymore. Most/all reporting jobs require working nights and weekends, covering city and country governments, sports and general interest feature stories.

Anyone else have wonderfully bad job descriptions they’ve seen?


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One response to “Worst job description ever?

  1. Amanda

    How about this one? WOW…

    We are looking to fill 2 positions. One position is mainly at the warehouse, and the other is mainly at the Old City store. Both positions share a few requirements as follows:

    1) Dependability/Reliability. This really shouldn’t be the first requirement, but unfortunately, it is. I need people that will show up on time; I need to be able to trust that you won’t get so hammered the previous night that you don’t show up at all; I need people who understand and respect that this is a business, not just a cool place to hang out and play with clothes- and that when you are at work, you WORK! If you know you are too flaky for a lot of responsibility, please do not apply.

    2) Knowledge of Vintage. We will train you, but you must come with a basic knowledge of vintage fashions from the 1940s -1980s. You will be tested. If you come for an interview I will put a box of random clothing in front of you and you must be able to tell me the era, fabric, and style.

    It would be a big plus if you know how to sew and iron.

    3) Laid back attitude. I stress. A lot. You need to be my calm center in the madness that is running a small business. You need to be able to smile at totally obnoxious customers and explain the same thing 10 times without snarling at them. I am bad cop, you are good cop.

    4) Working on Saturdays. Don’t want to work on Saturdays? Please dont apply.

    For the warehouse position only-

    You MUST have a drivers license and access to a car, even if you don’t own one. I want to be able to send you to auctions/estate sales/flea markets to do my buying. Take the knowledge of vintage requirement and multiply it by 5. You have to be able to grade every single item of clothing in the warehouse. You must be able to distinguish a men’s 1940s shirt from a 1970’s shirt when they are both cotton with big collars. You will be working every Saturday and Monday, and possibly a 3rd or 4th day depending on our schedule that week. Saturdays and Mondays are absolutely mandatory. Its fine if this is a 2nd job, but if your 1st job is really rigid on when you work, then you are not right for this specific position. I need someone with some flexibility in their weekly schedule.

    Do not send a resume.

    Email me with some info about yourself and why you would be the best candidate for the position.

    I will be at the warehouse today (Monday, June 13) from 12-6 if you want to come by and chat.

    These are paid positions with bunches of perks. You get awesome clothes at a discount. An’ free candy. An’ I’ll usually buy your coffee if I’m going anyway. And my other employees are awesome to work with. And you get to play with vintage (how cool is that?!). And I’m an ok boss (says my store manager, Jenn).

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